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Polymer-based photonic structures and applications

Components and Technology for photonics

Fabrication of photonic crystal and nonlinear photonic crystal is a key parameter for modern optics with numerous applications in different fields. We propose a powerful fabrication technique based on the interference of two laser beams with multiple exposures. This technique allows to imprint different kinds of periodic and quasi-periodic structures into polymer materials. This fabrication technique allows to realize very structures in a very short fabrication time.

The technique can be applied for different kinds of polymer materials, passive or active. When using a specific quasi-periodic structure, we could directly obtain a polymer-based photonic crystal with a good photonic bandgap as the one obtained with semiconductor material. In particular, when using nonlinear polymer material, we could obtain the so-called nonlinear photonic crystals, which are very interesting for many applications, such as generation of new waves by frequency conversion, high speed optical switching, low threshold laser, etc.

These polymer-based photonic structures could also be transfered to other materials, such as metallic and magnetic materials, which allow to study other physical effects, such as plasmonics and magneto-optics, offering numerous interesting applications.

Interférence de  deux faisceaux lasers

Figure 1 : (a) Optical arrangement of multiple-exposure two-beam interference technique. Two laser beams are of the same profile, polarization, and intensity. These beams interfere in the position of sample that is fixed in a double rotation stage: one can rotate around the z-axis (with an angle) and the other can rotate around the y-axis (with an angle). This technique is useful to fabricate different kinds of periodic (b, c) and quasi-periodic (d, e) micro and nanostructures.


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Ngoc Diep Lai
Associate Professor


Ngoc Diep Lai (Associate Prof.)
Mao Fei (PhD student)
Pogosian Tamara (PhD student)
Nguyen Thi Thanh Ngan (PhD student)
Wu Xiao (PhD student)
Do Minh Thanh (M2)
Luong Mai Hoang (M2)
Mai Nguyen Phuong Thao (L3)

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