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Simple / advanced search

Keyword searching is available for the English-language parts of the ENS Cachan site:

  • The ENS Cachan homepage
  • Department and laboratory websites
  • Other sites

Simple search

Click "OK" to search

Results will be sorted firstly according to the most relevant homepage.

They will then be listed according to relevance (how often the keyword was found by the search engine). The first five results are displayed for each site, or you can choose to see all results.

Each result will show the type of page in which the information is found:
  • news: article linked to a certain event
  • free page welcome or information page
  • article: department article
  • document: ENS reference document (with attachment)
  • structure: department pages
  • laboratory: laboratory or institute page
  • directory: staff personal page

The list of results will show various information including: where on the site the result has come from; the type of page containing the data; date for news items; contact details and department/laboratory affiliation for staff pages; upload dates for a document, etc.

Advanced search

Click on the magnifying glass for the advanced search.
This allows you to search one of more of the following criteria: news; documents; staff pages; department/service pages; laboratory pages.

Context search

The search engine can also perform a context search for certain types of information: news; documents; staff pages; department/service pages; laboratory pages.

Site map

The site map provides an overview of the structure of the whole website.