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Synthesis and optical properties of novel organic–inorganic hybrid nanolayer structure semiconductors

Sanjun Zhang, Gaëtan Lanty, Jean-Sébastien Lauret, Emmanuelle Deleporte, Pierre Audebert, Laurent Galmiche, Acta Materialia 57, 3301–3309 (2009)

We report on the synthesis of some novel organic-inorganic hybrid 2D perovskite semiconductors (R-(CH2)nNH3)2PbX4. These semiconductors
are self-assembled intercalation nanolayers and have a multi-quantum-well energy level structure. We systematically vary the characteristic of organic groups (R-(CH2)nNHþ3) to study the relationship between their structures and the optical properties of (R-(CH2)nNH3)2PbX4. From optical absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy experiments performed on series of samples, we find some trends of choosing the organic groups to improve the optical performance of (R-(CH2)nNH3)2PbX4. A new organic group, which allows synthesis of nanolayer perovskite semiconductors with quite high photoluminescence efficiency and better long-term stability, has been found.

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Recherche d'un document

Recherche d'un document