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Quantum efficiency of energy transfer in non-covalent carbon nanotube/porphyrin compounds

C. Roquelet , D. Garrot , J.S. Lauret, C. Voisin , V. Alain-Rizzo , Ph. Roussignol , J. Delaire , E. Deleporte, App. Phys. Lett. 97, 141918 (2010)

We report on the quantum yield of excitation energy transfer in non-covalently bound nanotube/porphyrin compounds. Evidence for energy transfer is gained from photoluminescence excitation experiments. We perform a quantitative evaluation of the transfer quantum yield in the case of (6,5) nanotubes through three independent methods : quantitative photoluminescence excitation measurements, evaluation of the luminescence quenching of the donor(porphyrin) and ultrafast transient absorption measurements. The latter shows a tremendous increase of the porphyrin recovery rate upon incorporation in the compound. All these measurements consistently lead to an exceptional quantum yield efficiency:1-10^(-3) ≤ η ≤ 1-10^(-5).

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Recherche d'un document