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Optical spectroscopy of two-dimensional layered (C6H5C2H4-NH3)2-PbI4 perovskite

K. Gauthron, J-S. Lauret, L. Doyennette, G. Lanty, A. Al Choueiry, S. J. Zhang, A. Brehier, L. Largeau, O. Mauguin, J. Bloch, and E. Deleporte Optic Express 18, 5912 (2010)

We report on optical spectroscopy (photoluminescence and photoluminescence excitation) on two-dimensional self-organized layers of (C6H5C2H4-NH3)2-PbI4 perovskite. Temperature and excitation power dependance of the optical spectra gives a new insight into the excitonic and the phononic properties of this hybrid organic/inorganic semiconductor. In particular, exciton-phonon interaction is found to be more than one order of magnitude higher than in GaAs QWs. As a result, photoluminescence emission lines have to be interpreted in the framework of a polaron model.

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Recherche d'un document