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Realization of Desired Plasmonic Structures via a Direct Laser Writing Technique

Quang Cong Tong, Mai Hoang Luong, Thi Mo Tran, Jacqueline Remmel, Minh Thanh Do, Duy Manh Kieu, Rasta Ghasemi, Duc Tho Nguyen, Ngoc Diep Lai, Journal of Electronic Materials 46, 3695 (2017); doi:10.1007/s11664-016-5131-z

We present a recent investigation of fabrication of desired plasmonic structures. First, the polymeric templates were realized by a simple and low-cost fabrication technique based on direct laser writing with a continuous-wave laser source. The plasmonic structures have been then realized by two methods, namely, a combination of gold evaporation and lift-off techniques, and a combination of gold sputtering and thermal annealing techniques. Each method presents its own advantages. Numerous metallic submicro- and nano-structures have been realized, which should be very interesting for different applications, such as high-transmission bandpass filters, plasmonic data storage, and plasmonic photonic devices.

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Recherche d'un document