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Optically Accelerated Formation of One- and Two-Dimensional Holographic Surface Relief Gratings on DR1/PMMA

Xiao Wu, Thi Thanh Ngan Nguyen, Isabelle Ledoux-Rak, Chi Thanh Nguyen and Ngoc Diep Lai, INTECH book chapter, 147-170 (2013)

This chapter presents the fabrication of one- and two-dimensional (1D and 2D) holographic SRGs based on one- or multi-exposure of the azobenzene copolymer (DR1/PMMA) to two- and/or three-beam interference patterns. A single exposure of the two-beam interference pattern is used to form 1D SRG. 2D periodic structure then can be fabricated either by two exposures of the sample to a two-beam interference pattern or by only a single exposure to a three-beam interference pattern. Also, the formation of SRGs is optically accelerated by assisting it with an independent UV or VIS laser.

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This work is a joint research between the LPQM (ENS Cachan, France), the Institute of Materials Science (IMS, VAST), Vietnam, and the East China Normal University (ECNU), China.
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Recherche d'un document