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Optical modulation of guided mode resonance in the waveguide grating structure incorporated with azo-doped-poly(methylmethacrylate) cladding layer

Jian Hung Lin, Yu Chung Huang, Ngoc Diep Lai, Hung-Chih Kan, and Chia Chen Hsu, Opt. Express 20, 377-384 (2012)

Optical modulation of guided mode resonance (GMR) is demonstrated in a waveguide grating structure (WGS) which contains a disperse-red1 (DR1)-doped poly(methylmethacrylate) (PMMA) cladding layer. The resonance wavelength of a GMR mode can be tuned by pumping the cladding layer with a 442 nm wavelength laser beam, because of photoinduced refractive index change in the layer. The resonance wavelength shifts to shorter wavelength side, and the shift increases with pumping power, up to a maximum shift of 5 nm. A detector was used to monitor the intensity of the light that was reflected from the WGS at the wavelengths of the GMR peak positions, and the WGS was found to exhibit optical modulation with a shortest switching time of less than 0.3s

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This work is a joint research between the LPQM (ENS Cachan, France) and the NanoOptics Lab (Department of Physics, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan), in the framework of LIA (Laboratoire International Associé)  laboratory.
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Recherche d'un document