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High Directional Radiation of Single Photon Emission in a Dielectric Antenna

Thi Huong Au, Stephanie Buil, Xavier Quelin, Jean-Pierre Hermier and Ngoc Diep Lai, ACS Photonics (2019)

Quasi-omnidirectional radiation pattern of a single emitter makes it hard to be fully collected by a standard optical system. In this work, we demonstrate theoretically and experimentally the use of a polymer-based dielectric antenna to generate high directional radiation of a single photon source based on a colloidal quantum dot (QD). The studies show that the position of the QD inside an optimum dielectric pillar is a crucial factor of the coupling. The modeled structure provides a high directional emission with a very low beam divergence (Θ1/2 = 9.2◦). The experimental emission rate is enhanced up to 5 folds and the single photon quality increases about 60% with a selected orientation of the QD thanks to the high directional emission of the coupled QD/photonic system

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Recherche d'un document

Recherche d'un document