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Coupling of a single photon source based on a colloidal semiconductor nanocrystal into polymer-based photonic structures

Thi Huong Au; Stéphanie Buil; Xavier Quélin; Jean-Pierre Hermier; Ngoc Diep Lai, SPIE 10672, Nanophotonics VII, 1067234 (2018); DOI: 10.1117/12.2306899

Coupling of a single photon source into photonic structures is highly demanded for implementation of numerous applications in quantum information processing and quantum dot (QD)-based solid-state platforms. In this work, we present a simple strategy for coupling a single semiconductor colloidal nanocrystal (NC) into polymer-based photonic structures. By utilizing low one-photon absorption (LOPA) direct laser writing (DLW) technique, we demonstrate the precise patterning of 2D SU-8 microstructures containing an individual core/shell CdSe/CdS NC. Various shapes of desired structures are fabricated with a single embedded NC while keeping its photon antibunching property as a single photon source. These results open a wide range of perspectives in term of quantum information, tunable emission, and efficient light harvesting by using polymer-based photonic crystal.

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Recherche d'un document